Bitcoin Evolution App

Take Advantage of the Bitcoin Evolution Advanced AI-Driven Trading System and Earn Handsome Daily Profits

*All trading carries risk

Bitcoin Evolution Features

Easy to use Trading Platform

Bitcoin Evolution makes crypto trading extremely easy for beginner traders. You can trade with us even if you have never participated in any form of trading before. Our trading platform comes with an easy to follow guide to help you get started.

Advanced News-Trading

Feature News trading is extremely important in crypto trading. This is because crypto volatility is mostly driven by news and celebrities sentiments. Bitcoin Evolution comes with advanced news-trading features powered by the subset of AI known as Machine Learning (ML).

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Top-level safety measures With us, you have a guarantee of safety. Bitcoin Evolution relies on an AES encryption protocol to safeguard your data. Moreover, we operate through tightly regulated tier-one brokers to ensure full deposits safety. These brokers undergo regular mandatory audits to ensure that your money is only used for the intended purpose.

Why Trade with the Bitcoin Evolution App?

Bitcoin Evolution trading platform offers a highly profitable way to trade crypto. We have helped tens of thousands gain financial freedom by investing as little as $250 through our trading system. You can compound daily returns to earn fortunes within months of trading.

The Bitcoin Evolution app offers advanced news and sentiment trading. News trading involves speculating on how a piece of news will impact market volatility. Sentiment trading involves crawling billions of social media pages to identify celebrity sentiments that impact crypto volatility.

You do not need any background in trading to use Bitcoin Evolution successfully. We offer fully automated trading services. You only need about 15 minutes daily to set your Bitcoin Evolution account for trading. Please note that this system offers leveraged crypto trading, and hence using it involves significant risk.

Trade up to 80 Popular Cryptocurrencies Through our AI-driven Trading System


1 How does Bitcoin Evolution work?

Bitcoin Evolution is a news and sentiment trading AI-driven trading system. With us, you get to speculate on crypto volatility resulting from news and celebrity sentiments at an extremely high win rate.

2 Is Bitcoin Evolution safe?

Yes! Bitcoin Evolution offers a safe trading environment equipped with AES encryption and compliant with the GDPR data privacy law. Moreover, we rely on blockchain to ensure a transparent trading environment.

3 How much does Bitcoin Evolution cost?

Bitcoin Evolution offers free trading services for all users. You don’t pay any signup or account management fees to use our platform. We also do not charge any withdrawal or deposit fees.

4 How many hours do I trade with Bitcoin Evolution daily?

Our trading system automates all the trading functions leaving you to only adjust the trading settings and click the live trading session button. This only takes a few minutes.

5 Does Bitcoin Evolution offer a mobile trading app?

You can trade with Bitcoin Evolution on your smartphone through its hybrid HTML5 app. Check your email for the download link or download the app from the trading resources page.

6 Is Bitcoin Evolution a Ponzi scheme?

No! We are a tested and proven trading platform equipped with the best trading technologies. Our trading system is top-rated by experts as the best for news and sentiment trading.

Bitcoin Evolution Breakdown!

Getting started with Bitcoin Evolution

Trading with us shouldn’t be a challenge, especially after perusing through our trading instructions.

We offer an easy, safe, and highly lucrative way to invest in crypto. Our goal is to help ordinary people with no background in crypto enjoy the insane profits found in AI-driven volatility trading.

Our trading system is equipped with Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to conduct news and sentiment analysis at a high win rate. You only need to follow the simple steps explained below to get started with Bitcoin Evolution.

1) Sign up with Bitcoin Evolution on this page and complete the verification process on the linked broker’s page. Please note that we only allow registrations from countries that support retail CFDs trading.

2) Fund your Bitcoin Evolution account through the assigned broker. Most of our partner brokers support up to ten account funding options, including wire transfer, debit and credit cards and some e-wallets.

3) After deposit, you can access the trading resources page to download the Bitcoin Evolution app and watch the trading tutorial video.

4) Open a real-time trading session with our trading system by toggling the “Trade now” button on the trading dashboard.

Leveraged crypto trading via fast-paced trading bots carries significant risk. Bitcoin Evolution ensures a high ROI through fast-paced trading. You could make losses through this trading bot.

What is Bitcoin Evolution ?

Bitcoin Evolution app is a trading tool that allows beginner and experienced traders to capitalize on the power of AI in crypto trading.

Our trading platform is available to the general public for free, even though signup opportunities are limited. Bitcoin Evolution trades up to 50 crypto CFDs pairs at a high leverage.

The high leverage, coupled with the level of volatility witnessed in crypto trading, makes this trading bot highly profitable. Bitcoin Evolution takes advantage of slight market movements through a High-Frequency Trading (HFT) approach known as scalping.

Facts about Bitcoin Evolution

There are tens of Bitcoin Evolution reviews out there. Most of these reviews claim that our trading system is revolutionary. Here are some exciting facts about Bitcoin Evolution.

  • Bitcoin Evolution was the most popular bitcoin trading tool in the crypto boom of 2017, with users earning handsome profits daily.
  • Our trading system has received over 500k registration requests in the last year. Unfortunately, signup slots are limited, and therefore, only 10% of these have managed to sign up with us.
  • Bitcoin Evolution has received a lot of attention recently as the crypto boom of 2021 continues to build up. Those who register with us today could earn insane profits during the boom.
  • Our trading system is the only AI-driven news and sentiment trading platform for crypto trading today.
Bitcoin Evolution News Trading Feature

We offer a powerful trading tool to help you capitalize on the volatility resulting from news and celebrity sentiments. The Bitcoin Evolution news trading feature uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to crawl billions of web-pages for volatility driving news.

Bitcoin volatility is highly affected by the news. Our trading platform identifies this news within microseconds of their announcement and predicts how it will impact prices. The system then takes market positions based on the predictions.

Sentiment-driven automated trading involves identifying celebrity social media posts with an impact on crypto prices. Below are some of the celebrities whose sentiments are traded by Bitcoin Evolution.

  • Elon Musk Bitcoin Tweets – Elon Musk is the most influential celebrity in the crypto industry. His sentiments are known to cause a lot of market volatility. Bitcoin Evolution algorithms can identify these sentiments and trade them.
  • Richard Branson Bitcoin Tweets – Richard Branson is another influential celebrity in the crypto trading sphere. Our trading system has successfully traded his sentiments in the past.
  • Bill Gates Bitcoin Tweets – Our trading system can also detect and trade sentiments from the founder of Microsoft.
Bitcoin Evolution Review: The Verdict!

Bitcoin Evolution app offers advanced trading services through a highly powerful AI-powered trading system. Bitcoin Evolution was founded five years ago and remains one of the most popular trading systems today.

We are always improving our trading system to ensure that our clients get the best trading services. Our trading system is AI-based and depends on the subset of AI known as Machine Learning (ML) to improve itself with changing data. Bitcoin Evolution is AES encrypted and hence foolproof from data theft. We value our clients and have, therefore, committed to a transparent trading environment.

Bitcoin Evolution app is the only trading system that runs on blockchain. We have also partnered with regulated brokers and therefore guarantee all users of the safety of their funds.

Bitcoin Evolution is a highly profitable trading system with a handsome daily ROI. You need as little as USD250 to start investing with us.

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